We change the way you hear the world

So, who?

FEDSOUND is a collective of music & sounddesign nerds that are way to dedicated to inspire people by making the best quality music and sound. It is based around composer & producer Max Gramser and ambitious people around him. The collective is experienced with various national and international projects with small and big brands.

Mission We want to tell stories with music and sound that create the best connection with video.

Why? The content and online ad industry is changing. There’s lot’s of content out there throwing things at your brain and the significant craft of composing and sound design to enhance the story. Emotion and impact is often forgotten or just ignored. We want to bring back the craft, passion and quality as we like to make catchy tailor made tracks and sound design with real attention to detail and feeling of your story. We make stuff that works with your content, sounds that are recognizable and have a great esthetic and energy.

Max Gramser
Founder | Composer | Sound designer
Max is an energetic and emphatic composer and sound designer that loves stories. He has a great sense to feel what you want in your project.
Rijnmar de Goede
Composer | Songwriter
With his experience writing for Martin Garrix, Birgit Schuurman and various other projects he is a big talent in the industry.
Sjoerd de Roij
Composer | Sound designer
Sjoerd is a multi-instrumentalist and he writes the most beautiful scores. Also he knows very well how to work them out for video.
Tom Verhofstad
Online content producer
Tom brings people together. Making the connection between us and the rest of the world.



From sound logo to full score. If you want to tell a story, we are here to make it the best.