Coca Cola
Let our sound design guide you through the Coca Cola experience
What they asked

The aim was to bring the Coca Cola videos alive, having the sound design support the videos in the best manner possible. We made an arrangement of the track for different videos with the main purpose to roll them out over several media platforms. For this cause we mixed the track so it is perfectly audible on all types of mobile devices as. in addition we made an arrangement of the track for their videos.

Why we made this

We were eager to make a set of videos that literally jumped out of the screen with its sound design. Throughout the video the energy level of the music maintains at a constantly high level, and with the usage of familiar sounds such as the opening of a Coca Cola bottle the sometimes abstract scenes in the video become alive. The musical summer vibes make the listener unconsciously crave for an ice-cold bottle of Coca Cola.

Production Bureau: Isobar
Design & Animation: Woodwork
Deliverables Sound design

You want to see the videos?

Out of our hands comes the sound design for a variation of 7 different videos for this Coca Cola campaign. The videos vary in the following themes: Sport, Fashion, Travel, Music, and Fun. In addition a lead and instruction video are produced too. Check them out at this page.

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