DWDD Johan Cruijff
A heroic synthwave ode to Johan Cruijf
What they asked

Brilliant stop motion animator Niels Hoebers asked us to bring his ballroom-like stop-motion video of Johan Cruijff alive with a proper combination of music and sound design.

Why we made this

In this project we aimed to create something unexpected, heroic and not fall into cliche. We go back to the time of the synthwave period with its analogical beep sounds. It is the time in which Johan Cruyff excelled in its game and became a football legend. These typical sounds we used to create tailor-made music for its performance in the video.

Production Concept of video & Animation: Niels Hoebers
Opdrachtgever: De Wereld Draait Door
Deliverables Composition
Sound Design

After our first project with stop-motion artist Niels Hoebers for this video made during the Dutch Design Week 2017, we once again buckled up our forces to create this ode to Johan Cruyff. Our aim in this video for De Wereld Draait Door was to create a surprising combination of video and music that brings you back to the high times #14.


Like the video of a winning goal, this video went viral on the internet. It now features on many different football and video news sites but also on social media. Check out the website of De Wereld Draait Door to find out more and watch the total video back.

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