Hudson’s Bay
Musical sound design for the next warehouse
What they asked

Hudson’s Bay was craving for a playful combination of sounds to support several of their stop-motion characterised videos.

Why we made this

We were able to picture the playful, divergent character of Hudson’s Bay in the music, using associative sounds to catch the attention of the watcher. Also we tried to keep up a high tempo and to bring back one theme over all the videos in which they have the same musical ending. this to accompany the story and playful character Hudson’s Bay would like to impersonate with their videos.

Production Video: WoodWork
Co-composer & instrumentalist: Sjoerd de Roij
Deliverables Sound design

What does this sound like?

We made the audio and music for a snapchat ad, and 4 videos with each another focus theme: Boys; Girls; Creative; and Sport

How would they make this?

Get a clear taste of how has been worked on these songs, just watch and enjoy the vibe.

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