Pure tech in music
What they asked

KPN was aiming to create a futuristic, minimalistic composition of sounds to support their Artificial Intelligence (AI) experience and give it body. Our goal was to make this feeling come back in the soundtrack.

Why we made this

The video expressed many emotions, easily taking the thoughts of the viewer and guiding them through the video. This expressive character of the video we used as a standard for the sounds. After a few demo’s a glitchy sound had been secured in the track which turned up the presence of a high voltage movement. How far can you go in taking a test person into the process?

Production Visual: Woodwork
Development: Next Empire
Deliverables Composition
Sound design


Does your job still exists in the future? With this booth you can find out. The experience builds up until the percentage shows what your chances are that robots replace you.


This behind the scenes video from Woodwork shows how the process of making the installation is done.

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