Mediacompany M
Slick electronic beats for media company M
What they asked

A positive uplifting song, creating an energetic boost to the watcher/listener of the video. In addition to the former, the song had to support and amplify the message in brandvideo of newly created brand “M”.

Why we made this

For this case we were tend to create music which was electronic, slick and even human, the music had to feel fresh, juvenile and new. We used a combination of physical, non-electronic sounds & the music we know from the contemporary pop/trap productions to end up with this result.

Production Creative agency: Matters Most
Production agency: Woodwork
Deliverables Composition
Sound Design

Let’s click on the video and you will find out what this all sounds like.

This video has already been shared in the media by “Nederlands MediaNieuws” in this article. They introduced the newly created brand “M” and its brandvideo with our music. “M” is a brand by Stichting AKN (AVROTROS & KRO-NCRV) and is being presented as “the Home-base of the media-minded”.

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