VanMoof+ Campaign
A digital vintage song for a sophisticated bicycle company
What they asked

Production company WoodWork asked us if we could make a song that sounded like a vintage hit, to strengthen the marketing campaign of VanMoof about their new bicycle subscription model.

Why we made this

We strongly believe the video and the combination of vintage sounding elements could be a nice combination and contrast, but it needed an edgy twist to make it work in the context of the video. We recorded some drums, bass, and baritone, and processed them to blend with synths, sound design and the voice over.

Production Animation & concept: Woodwork
co-production/co-writer: Rico Dean
bariton sax & bass guitar: Sjoerd de Roij
Deliverables Sound Design


The disposable economy is damaging the planet. Vanmoof fights back by making their bikes smarter and presents their new subscription model with this animation.

The campaign videos are published on multiple channels, in multiple formats and lengths in trying to reach everybody.

behind the scenes

We had a lot of fun making the soundtrack for VanMoof, here you can peek at the process in the studio, together with Rico Dean, and Sjoerd de Roij.

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